Aerial Hydraulic Tractors

The packing station can be located several kilometers away from the harvesting area. So, some 40 years ago the banana plantations and large-scale flower nurseries and meanwhile also the Oil Palm Industry asked for an efficient, economical harvest transport system hauling the crops from the field to the packing station.

eurasia’s simple cableway system works under poor weather conditions, in rough terrains, and can easily span rivers, creeks and canals. A fine technology of connecting powers; i.e. of a frame serving simultaneously as an oil tank and a cooler, supported by an additional cooler, a Diesel Engine (11 HP w/ 3600rpm) driving a high-pressure hydaulic pump, feeding the two drive gears each of which carrying one hydraulic motor and two desmopan tractor tires (friction wheels/tractor tires) giving our users a four-wheel-drive-tractor resting on the cable and capable of hauling a total load of 5 tonnes and more (corresponding to 100 banana bunches and more) over long distances.

We continuously improve our system and always try to consider the performance profiles set by the Industry, as well as to the features requested by the Field Engineers, Operators and Maintenance Staff. As a result, we offer a sturdy conveyor easy to handle (operate) and to service. At the same time, it shows a smooth start and then a shock-free performance on the cableways.

All in all, the eurasia-unit grants an excellent proportion of price vs. performance.

video of operations in the fields

video preparing for field tests

video of operations in the fields (Davao del Norte)